Who we are

We are made up of a group of international, interdisciplinary students in the Bachelor, Master and PhD programs at the CRI.

The CRI is an interdisciplinary research center based in Paris. A place that serves as the cross-roads the research life, learning and digital sciences.
The CRI clubs are a key aspect in its environment, nurturing the development of various activities led by students in the different academic programs.

Core members


Naiane R. Rios

Co-Founder & Project Manager

Born and raised in Fortaleza, Brazil Naiane is a  MSc candidate working in the frontier between life sciences and digital inclusion.

Re:Start Project Manager

Kelly Gibbs​

Project Manager

Born and raised in the United States, Kelly has a background in communications with a passion for educational projects incorporating social equality and open communication.


Pau Fabregat

Project manager

Born and raised in Barcelona, Pau has an engineering background with strong drive for social causes and user experience.