The CRI 4 ALL club was born to bridge gaps between science, society and to make CRI endeavors in research and education accessible to students and citizens across the globe. We want to take significant steps to promote a Global Educational Transition. The club aims to facilitate the transition from a closed scientific inquiry to a more open model where the citizens can take part in every stage of their learning process. Promoting learning by doing and empowering people worldwide, especially those with fewer resources.

Naiane R. Rios

Co-Founder & Projects Manager

Born and raised in Fortaleza, Brazil Naiane is a  MSc candidate working in the frontier between life sciences and digital inclusion. She advocates for social oriented and inclusive learning environments where Science and Digital Skills are taught as means to empower underprivileged populations.

Guy Aidelberg


Guy was born in Jerusalem and grew up in the Bay area and Tel-Aviv. A lifelong traveler learner and explorer. Currently a PhD candidate at the CRI, developing an affordable, reliable, easy to use, rapid, and robust kit for DNA detection for Global Health, Citizen Science, Education and Empowerment

Kelly Gibbs

Re-Start Project Manager

Born and raised in the United States, Kelly lived on both coasts, working as a journalist for NGOs and radio stations and moonlighting as a bartender. She’s currently a MSc candidate at the CRI her interests include social equality and inclusive learning.

Pau Fabregatpappaterra​

Born and raised in Barcelona Pau’s interest towards engineering grew once he got into sound engineering as he was recording his own musical creations. After working with audiovisual systems the refugee crisis broke in Europe and it made a big impact over his career choices. Today his centered around empowering asylum seekers and refugees through digital skills learning.

Albin Salazar

Albin is a MSc candidate at the CRI Paris with a passion for scientific research and pedagogical methods. Originally from the United States, he came to France with a craving for international experience that was catalyzed from his previous experience in Thailand. He is striving to develop the Home project that will bring educational opportunities to sites in Africa.

Lucile Szpiro

Lucile is a MSc candidate at the CRI Paris with a taste for fundamental research in Biophysics. Born and raised in Paris, she advocates for the rights of refugees in France since the 2015 crisis in Europe and this lead her together with Sarah T. Sampieri to first envision the re-Start Program back then when the idea was just a spark.

Julie Sitolle

Julie is a french Life Sciences Bachelor student at the CRI Paris.  She believes that knowledge belongs to no one and that education should be for all. Meaningless to say that her engagement with the club started since her first days as a BSc student. Through her actions she wants to be useful to society.

“Ne nuire à personne, être utile à tous” (never harm anyone, be useful to all).

Elizabeth Naa Ashiorkor Adjei

Nefeli Paparisteidi

Lena Coutrot