Summer Science Factory

A fantastic 1-week science popularization/outreach program, repeated twice, in different locations in Croatia every summer.
Scientific Escape Game (Photo: LjTV)


For the last two years, members from the club has joined Summer Science Factory, offering science workshops to young scientist. The journey involves the mentors into designing an engaging workshop and be part of an exciting group of volunteers in Croatia during the summer.


The Summer Science Factory is a science-educational project designed for children between the ages of 9 and 18 who have the desire to creatively spend the summer holidays by studying science through interaction with other children and young scientists.

Workshops 2017 - 2018


Open Source & DIY Lab Tools

Students learned the basis of open-source building & concepts and then how to build do-it-yourself lab tools including microscopes, samples, incubators and centrifuges. July-August 2018


Ant behavior

Tracking and learning about ant behavior and decision-making. Participants learned about psychology and animal behavior tracking. July-August 2018

Science & Frugal Filming (Photo: LjTV)

Science & Frugal Filming

Creation of a frugal filming workshop where students can face the challenges of communicating about sciences through low cost video making. It introduces students to the whole process of scientific video making: from the brainstorm session to the final version of a 3 minutes video produced. July-August 20187

Scientific Escape Game (Photo: LjTV)

Scientific Escape Game

Creation of a Scientific Escape Game to communicate science in a novel way. The first three days consists in introducing the students to Science Mediation. The participants are divided in groups of three that change throughout the week. July-August 2017