3 month program to bootstrap web and digital skills, a new start, a re:Start


During the program students get to understand the fundamentals to build a website, experience how web developers work and engage in community activities to keep exploring digital tools and meet new like-minded people.


We believe everyone is a creator, a researcher a source of potential to be tapped into. Some times we need an impulse, the right environment and opportunities to get where we would like to. Re:Start wants to serve as an entry door where to build digital skills in a rich environment to learn and discover.

The Re:Start Program

An introduction

The re-Start Program is a 3-month website building course with no programming skills requirements that has been developed by the CRI FOR ALL CLUB, which is part of the CRI Paris – Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires. The re-Start class will take up to 15 students who are asylum seekers or that already have the refugee status in France. This program intends to create¬† opportunities for those wanting to explore new fields. The courses will take place at the CRI’s campus in Le Marais, an international and diverse environment made up of people who are passionate about¬†science and education. This is a community where you, a Re:Start student, will be able to meet new people, get involved in clubs, exciting projects and invent new ways to learn.

What are the outcomes?

The primary aim of this course is to introduce students to core web development concepts and the fundamental tools of the trade. Because of the short length of the course, it is not intended to give students the background necessary to go directly into a web development job. Rather, we hope to offer a comfortable and low risk setting for students to explore the subject and develop both the confidence and prerequisite knowledge required to apply to more intensive programs in the future.

This program is free nonetheless, a certificate from the CRI, signed by its director, will be provided upon completion of the classes, to students that displayed assiduity in their course work during the 3 months. The certificate is not an official degree per se, but will serve to attest to your newly obtained skill set

Course overview


Re:Start offers an introductory class in front end web development. In the class, students will work with mentors to complete open access HTML and CSS material from Codecademy. Each session will begin with an introduction to the current Codecademy lesson and concepts for the day, followed by independent work time for students to complete the exercises at their own pace. The last two weeks will be spent working on a personal website that will be available online. Find more details.
  • Elements and Structure
  • Tables
  • Forms


  • Selectors and Visual Rules
  • The Box Model
  • Display and Positioning
  • Colors and Typography
  • Grid

Key information

Language of instruction
  • French
  • English
Applicants fulfilling the requirements will have an interview with our team
  • A2 English (for reading CodeAcademy content)
  • Basic computer literacy (e.g.: using email, creating and saving text documents)
  • No prior experience in programming is required
Location and time
The classes will take place in the CRI, every Wednesday from 19:00 to 21:00.