Bridging gaps between science, society and education

Our mission

The CRI 4 ALL club was born to bridge gaps between science, society and to make CRI endeavors in research and education accessible to students and citizens across the globe. We want to take significant steps to promote a Global Educational Transition. The club aims to facilitate the transition from a closed scientific inquiry to a more open model where the citizens can take part in every stage of their learning process. Promoting learning by doing and empowering people worldwide, especially those with fewer resources.



Summer Science Factory

Global Education Round Table

What we do

Through project-building, we create relationships between CRI students and members of the global community. Our projects focus on expanding and improving education locally and abroad through partnerships with schools, research instituts and organizations. Our projects include:

1. Local, community-based collaborations featuring the Re:Start Program & GERT

2. Workshops abroad including Summer Science Factory in Croatia & the Home project in Ghana

Who are we?

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